The Goal

All of my life I have been reading books. Come to think of it, most people read books. When I was a kid, we all read Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings movies made us want to buy the box set, Berenstein Bears was a thing (Berenstain?), and we all breathed a sigh of relief when your teacher said we were reading Lord of The Flies...mainly because it was short.

One of my favorite Mandela Effects...

Ultimately, I am no different. I am not special because I never like to have a time where I am not reading a book. There is something about reading that is special in my opinion, something that listening to a podcast or watching a Netflix Documentary just doesn't quite scratch. Reading involves you entering another level of seeking knowledge. You have a physical copy, maybe you are underlining key points, highlighting certain areas, making diagrams, rereading, asking questions. Say Chris, you can stop, restart, replay a podcast as well though...True, however I would say when you read, you paint your own picture. You have to do your own digging to find the message. That is the goal of Chee-Tash.

I started the YouTube channel for Chee-Tash because I was seeing a lot of videos on summaries of popular books that I have read. They were great videos with important insights, however I found them to be minimized into just one video. I thought, "wow, its cool that I had Benjamin Graham's 'Intelligent Investor' summarized in 10 minutes, but this is a 500 some odd page book, didn't this guy have more to say?".

It began with one book, "Man's Search For Meaning", and I decided we are going to slow things down. I wanted to make these videos like a book club discussion. The goal was to dive deep into the topics Viktor Frankl approaches, and I didn't care that we may get lost in the weeds. Something out of those 12 videos is going to resonate with you. It will hit home more than a "Top 5 things I learned.." video. I am not saying those types of videos are bad. I still watch them too, and if you want a quick summary before you spend money on a book, its not a bad idea. If you want to see how far the rabbit hole goes, follow us along on this journey.

I watched the new Matrix trailer...I felt compelled to have some sort of reference to it