Look Out I'm Parenting Here! Getting Through The Day Chapter 5: The Pick-Up (Part 5)

Look Out I'm Parenting Here! Getting Through The Day Chapter 5: The Pick-Up (Part 5)
"Look Out I'm Parenting Here! The Pick-Up" Full Video

Review on the ride home

Ted alluded to the fact that the points he outlined that were important in the drop off would make their way back in the pick up. This point that Ted makes here is no different. We stated before how it would be easy to start scheduling and planning your day out while taking your kid to their destination. However, these moments are going to be the small things that increase the bond between you and them. The ride home should be dedicated to asking them about their day and reviewing what happened.

Today, we are reviewing this car seat, so far...comfortable

When it was breakfast time, it was important to give limited options so as not to run around the kitchen like a short order cook. On the car ride home, there is no limit or direction on where the conversation should go. NOW is the time for open ended questions. "What did you paint?" , "What did you have for lunch?", "Who did you meet today?" among others are valid questions. Refrain from questions that garner a yes or no response. The point here is to have you toddler share in their own words all they had to do today. Ask follow up questions, and become genuinely interested in what they accomplished.

One of the things Ted mentions is to keep everything in a positive light. If your toddler starts to speak negatively, try to turn the conversation around to a positive direction. You could say, "That's not very nice", and change the topic or ask a different question. Gossip about other kids or adults should be avoided as well, in addition to being taken with a grain of salt. If you notice a pattern on your car ride reviews, it might be time to bring this up with one of the adults in attendance with your child.

Most importantly, no matter what you went through during today, don't let the negative emotions rub off while driving home. Even if you had a terrible day, try to exhibit a bright and warm personality. It's not your toddler's fault that you had a terrible day, remember that, and don't let your toddler think this by wearing your anger on your sleeve.