Look Out I'm Parenting Here! Getting Through The Day Chapter 5: The Pick-Up (Part 4)

Look Out I'm Parenting Here! Getting Through The Day Chapter 5: The Pick-Up (Part 4)
"Look Out I'm Parenting Here! The Pick-Up" Full Video

Give them time to say good-bye

"If you have to pick up milk or bread on the way home from work, I would call that a grab and go thing" says Ted in the first lines of this section. There is going to be a difference between these types of tasks and picking up your child. Remember that we have mentioned before, Adults and kids view time in different ways. As adults, we are tied down by the clock and do things based on the time that reads on a watch or cell phone. With kids, Ted mentions something that I think hits the nail on the head. Kids tend to view time based on environmental cues. So this cue could be the sun, the moon, traffic, dinner on the table, etc.

Interesting idea for a kid's clock

When your little one is at daycare or school, the first glimpse they will get that its time to go will be seeing YOU. Since they will be busy with whatever they are doing, they wont be paying attention to the clock, even if you are late and most kids have gone home already. So it must be pointed out that your arrival might be unexpected. Your kid is going to want to stay longer, they might not be ready to leave. I think an important thing here is to be gentle, calm, and give them time to wrap up their activities or say good bye to their play pals. This goes back to the ability to transition from one state to another. It is going to be important for kids to learn how to break from things and move on to other things. Preliminarily, its teaching them about having a schedule in a way. Give them time to say goodbye